Sonntag, 25. September 2016

New Pre-print: Why Johnny Can't Use Stego: a Human-oriented Perspective on the Application of Steganography

I uploaded a new pre-print to ArXiV and ResearchGate. The work is currently under review.

Steganography is the discipline that deals with concealing the existence of secret communications. Existing research already provided several fundamentals for defining steganography and presented a multitude of hiding methods and countermeasures for this research discipline. We identified that no work exists that discusses the process of applying steganography from an individual's perspective. This paper presents a phase model that explains pre-conditions of applying steganography as well as the decision-making process and the final termination of a steganographic communication. The model can be used to explain whether an individual can use steganography and to explain whether and why an individual desires to use steganography. Moreover, the model can be used in research publications to indicate the addressed model's phase of scientific contributions. Furthermore, our model can be used to teach the process of steganography-application to students.

Keywords: Usable Security, Human Computer Interaction, HCISec, Steganography, Information Hiding, Covert Channels, Network Security, Psychology

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