Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013

Recent News (Dec-19-2013)

A short summary of recent/upcoming activities since my last summary post from late September:

  • General:
  • Academic activities:
    •  Leading the `Area of Interest' on `Trustworthy Infrastructure' at the NIS Public-Private Platform Working Group 3 on Secure ICT research and innovation announced in the Cybersecurity Strategy of the European Union, Bruxelles 
      • read the latest newsletter here
    • various academic reviews for journals and conferences
    • various student supverisions ...
  • Books:
    • Continuing to work on: W. Mazurczyk, S. Wendzel, S. Zander, A. Houmansadr, and K. Szczypiorski: Information Hiding in Communication Networks: Fundamentals, Mechanisms, and Applications, WILEY-IEEE, 2015.
  •  Recent scientific publications:
    • none, but currently four under review ...
  •  Upcoming/recent professional publications:
    • Steffen Wendzel: "Exfiltration vertrauenswürdiger Daten - Protektionsmaßnahmen hinken den modernen Techniken der Angreifer hinterher", digitalbusiness CLOUD, 2/14, 2014 (to appear).
    • Steffen Wendzel: "Gefahrenpotential der Netzwerksteganografie", IT-SICHERHEIT, 2013 (to appear).
    • Steffen Wendzel: "Sicherheitsaspekte in der Gebäude-Automation. Perspektiven der Personenüberwachung, IT-SICHERHEIT 3/2013, S. 70-72, 2013.
  • Upcoming/Recent talks:

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