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Tutorial: Notebook Battery State in Fluxbox

I provide a short introduction on how to use my tool "Fluxbat". Fluxbat displays the battery state of your notebook in the Fluxbox menu.
(Date/Datum: 2010-03-07-21:03)

FluxbatThe software itself is GPLv2'ed and the latest release is from 2007. You can download fluxbat from my website

1. First, you need to compile fluxbat (if your battery info canNOT be found in /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0, you need to modify the path in first).
$ make
$ su
# make install
2. Since fluxbat is a daemon process, you should not start it every time you start X since it would run multiple times then. Simply run it on system bootstrap (e.g. by creating an rc script in /etc/rc.d/ (e.g. Slackware) or /etc/init.d (e.g. Debian, Ubuntu, ...).
I added an rc.fluxbat script for this reason. You can place it in /etc/depends-on-your-distribution/.

3. Every user who wants to activate fluxbat in fluxbox should include /var/fluxbat/ in his own ~/.fluxbox/menu file by adding this line:
[include] (/var/tmp/fluxbat/
Fluxbat depends on:
  • fluxbox (tested with v. 1.0rc2)
  • #!/bin/dash (not bash!)
  • bc
  • md5sum
  • xterm and vi (to display "more info")
  • xmessage (for warning messages if percentage goes below 4% of the battery power)
  • for compiling: make, gcc, binutils, libc.
I hope this posting was helpful ... You can post questions below.

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