Some of my talks or papers were accompanied by a video. Please find them below.

My YouTube- and GitHub-based free online class on Network Steganography.

 The online class is now freely available, including slides, videos, exercises and reading assignments.

Introductory Talks on Steganography/Covert Channels

Information Hiding (Introduction): Challenges for Forensic Experts, in: Communications of the ACM, 2018.

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Steganography Ante Portas, talk at Hack-in-the-Box, Amsterdam, 2018

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The future of data exfiltration and malicious communication, talk at TROOPERS 2013, Heidelberg

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Videos on Sophisticated Topics

Information Hiding in Cyber-physical Systems (CPS Steganography), video talk for IEEE Security and Privacy BioSTAR workshop, 2017

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