About me

Steffen WendzelIn a nutshell:
  • head of the smart building security at Fraunhofer FKIE, Bonn where I also cover various EU-related aspects
  • involved in network steganography/covert channel research; member of Stegano.net
  • author of four IT-related books (started writing when I was 17, sold >45.000 copies)
  • received PhD from University of Hagen in 2013
  • just started working on my habilitation
  • lecturer at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences
Work covered in (incl. interviews): Slashdot.org, MIT Technology Review, (Un)Deadly.org, Heise.de, Heise Technologie Review, Golem.de, Critical-Intelligence, Fedscoop, Computerworld, Linux Magazin, Prolinux.de, IT-Sicherheit Fachmagazin, Hakin9

Book projects with Wiley-IEEE, Springer-Vieweg, Galileo Press

Scientific papers at Springer Annals of Telecommunications (ANTE), WILEY Security and Communication Networks (SCN), 37th IEEE LCN, 12th and 13th IFIP CMS

Talks at the hacking/professional events: Hack in the Box (AMS), TROOPERS, Datenspuren, DFN Workshop, Chaos Singularity (CoSin), MetaRheinMain ChaosDays (MRMCD), VDI Fachkonferenz Industrial IT Security, Chemnitzer Linuxtage (2013 and 2014), Secure Linux Administration Conference (SLAC)

Contact: steffen (at) wendzel (dot) de (PGP pub key: 0xC58EB736)


Working Experience

  • since 2013: Head of Secure Building Automation at the Cyber Security unit of Fraunhofer FKIE, Bonn, Germany.
  • since 2003: Author of CS books and articles
  • 2012-2013: Research assistant at the HSASec group, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • 2010-2013: Research assistant for the IT4SE (IT for Smart renewable Energy generation and use) project, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and visiting researcher at the University of Waikato

Research Interests

  • network covert channels and network steganography,
  • building automation / smart city security
  • IT security and security engineering,
  • administration and programming of Linux/Unix/BSD systems,
  • open source project management
  • In addition to computer science I am interested in psychology, university history and campus novels.

Funded Academic Projects

Academic Activities (Reviews, Research Abroad/Int'l. Cooperations; Awards, ...)



  • EU-related Public Affairs Training (Hospitanz),
    Fraunhofer Office in Brussels, Brussels, May 2014.
  • Communications Seminar,
    Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Leipzig, November 2013.
  • Acquisition Techniques,
    Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Cologne, September 2013.
  • BACnet Training Certificate,
    MBS GmbH, Augsburg, January 2013.
  • Basics of BACnet Certificate,
    MBS GmbH, Augsburg, July 2012.
  • Leadership Coaching,
    Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, Bavarian Forest, 2011.
  • Workshop Moderation,
    Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, Augsburg, 2011.
  • Rhetoric Course,
    Kempten University of Applied Sciences, Kempten, 2008.
  • Communication and Personality Psychology,
    Kempten University of Applied Sciences, Kempten, 2008.