About me

Steffen Wendzel
I am a professor for information security and networks at Worms University of Applied Sciences and also affiliated with Fraunhofer FKIE (Bonn) and Cleopa (near Berlin). I received my PhD in 2013 from the University of Hagen. Aged 17, I started to write books (sold ~60.000 printed+electronic copies and counted 25.000 free downloads of my older editions). A list of my ~100 publications can be found here. There is also a list of selected talks.

My research involves network information hiding (network covert channels and network steganography), building automation/smart building security, human aspects of information security, and information security terminology / taxonomy.

I am a member of several steering committees, initiatives, program and organizing committees (cf. details). I am (or was) lecturing and supervising at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, Bonn University and Hagen University. A list of my projects, both funded and spare-time software projects, is also available.

In addition to computer science, I am interested in university history, campus novels and long-distance running.

Find (information about) me here: Twitter, Google Scholar, ResearchGate, Mendeley, DBLP, PubZone, SciPort RLP, Academia.edu, SemanticScholar and CCSB.

Contact: steffen (at) wendzel (dot) de (PGP pub key: 0xC58EB736).

Recent News (Selection):

  • Apr-19-2017:
    • A new interview with me for Fraunhofer myTalent was published today.
    • A new paper (open access) on Information Hiding and Science 2.0 was just published today.
    • I am now an editorial board member of the Journal of Universal Computer Science (J.UCS), which is open access since 1995.
    • I contributed an update to the OpenBSD pscan port that I maintain.
  • Apr-05-2017: New work of W. Mazurczyk and me has been accepted at Communications of the ACM
  • Mar-20-2017: CfP: I am organizing a special session on Information Hiding-related Cyber-crime at IWDW'17, Magdeburg.
  • Mar-04-2017: I am guest editor of a new special issue of the journal Security and Communication Networks (SCN) [PDF].
  • Feb-27-2017: I will present two papers at IEEE Security&Privacy BioSTAR Workshop in San José, CA, including research findings on CPS Steganography (in May).
  • Jan-20-2017: There is a new news article (Handelsblatt, in German) featuring a few interview questions with me; also we got a new paper accepted at the Int. Journal of Electronics and Telecommunications, Vol. 63 (to appear).
  • Jan-09-2016: We published a new paper on network steganography in J.UCS.
  • Dec-09-2016: I published new papers/pre-prints (1,2,3,4) and added several new academic activities, incl. a freshly finalized journal special issue.
  • Sep-30-2016: I am now a full-professor at Hochschule Worms.
  • Jul-21-2016: I am now a guest editor for the IEEE S&P magazine's special issue on Digital Forensics.
  • Jul-19-2016: Our book chapter S. Wendzel, J. Tonejc, J. Kaur, A. Kobekova: Cyber Security of Smart Buildings for the book `Security and Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems: Foundations and Applications', Eds.: H. Song et al., Wiley, is now in press.
  • Jun-25-2016: Just signed a new book contract with Springer. The book will be about network security and it is already my sixth book; to appear in Q3-2017.
  • May-03-2016: I published an article in Comm. of the ACM: ACM DL Author-ize serviceHow to increase the security of smart buildings?, Communications of the ACM, Vol. 59(5), pp. 47-49, 2016