Donnerstag, 29. November 2018

New Scientific Project: WoDiCoF

We are pleased to announce that we just released a new academic project called WoDiCoF to the public. WoDiCoF stands for Worms Distributed Covert Channel Detection Framework and is available under

WoDiCoF is a framework for developing, testing and evaluating new network covert channel detection methods and for re-producing experimental results from the scientific community. [It is] primarily designed for scientists who want to implement and analyze novel detection algorithms or who want to reproduce experimental results. However, WoDiCoF could also be used by the law-enforcement / professionals to determine the presence of network covert channels in data of criminals, e.g. within malware traffic.
We published a first paper on WoDiCoF, however, the projecct is currently in a re-design phase to make its utilization and architecture more accessible and developer-friendly.
Moreover do we work on a first technical report to describe the functionality. The project is also linked with the CUING initiative.

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