Montag, 9. Juli 2018

New Paper: Analysis of Citations in Covert Channel/Steganography Research

A new paper got accepted at the Criminal Use of Information Hiding (CUING) Workshop at ARES'18:

S. Wendzel: Get Me Cited, Scotty! Analysis of Citations in Covert Channel/Steganography Research (to appear in ARES'18).

The understanding of the inner workings of a research community is essential for the success of an author's academic publications. One of the key metrics for the evaluation of researchers is the number of citations that their publications receive. To understand citation behavior of an academic community, existing publication's citations can be studied.

In this paper, we analyze whether several factors influence the number of citations in the domain of covert channels/steganography (CC/St). In particular, we study the significant differences on average yearly citations received by journal, conference and workshop publications. We also analyze the influence of tier-levels, number of references, number of pages, type of contribution, and number of authors on the average yearly citations.

Our study is based on the meta-data of 1,531 publications on CC/St and 8,391 publications on other topics of information security extracted from IEEEXplore as well as on 110 publications' meta-data from Google Scholar.

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