Montag, 6. November 2017

Information Hiding for Cyber-physical Systems

We published a new paper:

Steganography for Cyber-physical Systems (PDF)

Cyber-physical Systems (CPS) have raised serious security concerns and thus have been subjected to intensive security research lately. Recent publications have shown that there is a potential to transfer hidden information through CPS environments. In comparison to these existing studies, we demonstrate that CPS cannot only be used to covertly transfer secret data but also to store secret data. Using an analogy to the biological concept of animal scatter hoarding behavior we exemplify CPS secret data storage using automated buildings.
Steffen Wendzel, Wojciech Mazurczyk, Georg Haas: Steganography for Cyber-physical Systems, Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility (JCSM), Vol. 6(2), pp. 105-126, River Publishers, 2017.

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