Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2015

Analysis of Human Awareness of Security and Privacy Threats in Smart Environments

A new paper will be published:

Luca Caviglione, Jean-Francois Lalande, Wojciech Mazurczyk, Steffen Wendzel:
Analysis of Human Awareness of Security and Privacy Threats in Smart Environments,
in Proc. HCI International Conference on Human Aspects of Information Security, Privacy and Trust, Los Angeles, Springer, 2015 (invited; to appear).

Smart environments integrate Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into devices, vehicles, buildings and cities to offer an increased quality of life, energy efficiency and economical sustainability. In this perspective, the individual has a core role and so has networking, which enables such entities to cooperate.
However, the huge amount of sensitive data, social aspects and the mixed set of protocols offer many opportunities to inject hazards, exfiltrate information, mass profiling of citizens, or produce a new wave of attacks. This work reviews the major risks arising from the usage of ICT-techniques for smart environments, with emphasis on networking. Its main contribution is to explain the role of different stakeholders for causing a lack of security and to envision future threats by considering human aspects.

Keywords: privacy, security, steganography, smart buildings, human aspects.

Early version available from (incl. PDF download).

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