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Recommended Reading (Jul-2013)

In English:

J. Crowcroft, I. Brown: From Panopticon to Fresnel, Dispelling a False Sense of Security, Proc. CMS'12, pp.238-242, 2012.

Old-School networking: Mail-11

R. Krejčí, P.  Čeleda, K. Dobrovolný: Traffic Measurement and Analysis of Building Automation and Control Networks, Proc. AIMS 2012, pp. 62-73, 2012.

P. Celeda, R. Krej, V. Krmicek: Flow-based Security Issue Detection in Building Automation and Control Networks, LNCS 7479, pp. 64-75, 2012.

 S. Luz, M. Masoodian, D. McKenzie, W. V. Broeck: Chronos: A tool for interactive scheduling and visualisation of task hierarchies, Proc. 13th Conf. Inf. Visualisation, pp. 241-246, 2009.

R. Rosenthal: Covert communication in Laboratories, Classrooms, and the Truly Real World, In: Current Directions in Psychological Science, vol. 12(5), pp.151-154, Oct. 2003.

J.T. Hancock, L.E. Curry, S. Goorha, M. Woodworth: On Lying and Being Lied to: A Linguistic Analysis of Deception in Computer-Mediated Communication, Discourse Processes, 45:1-23, 2008.

In German:

bicc-net: Studie zu Cyber Physical Systems: Heißt "gut" publiziert auch "gute" Publikation?

DRadio Wissen: Error im Kunstwerk Die Macht des Gebens

CRE 202: Hackerfilme

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