Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

New Paper: Mosaic-chart based Visualization in Building Automation Systems

Steffen Wendzel, Christian Herdin, Roman Wirth, Masood Masoodian, Santonio Luz, Jaspreet Kaur:
Mosaic-chart based Visualization in Building Automation Systems,
9th Future Security (Security Research Conference), pp. 687-690, Fraunhofer Verlag/MEV Verlag, Berlin, 2014.

Today’s building automation systems must be capable of dealing with a large number of simultaneously occurring events. Human operators monitor these events in order to maintain situational awareness, to detect physical intrusion or hardware problems, and other irregularities. We transferred the so-called temporal mosaic charts to building environments and compared their use with entropy-enriched Gantt charts and classical logfile analysis.

building automation, smart homes, visualization

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