Montag, 26. Dezember 2011

Interesting CS/Psych. Articles/Papers (Dec-27-2011)

I recently read some very interesting CS papers of which I want to recommend the most interesting subset to my readers. As some of you probably know, I began to become interested in HCI-related topics, what is obviously reflected in my recommendations.
  1. J. Roberson and B. Nardi: Survival Needs and Social Inclusion: Technology Use Among the Homeless, in Proc.Conf. Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), ACM, pp. 445-448, 2010.
    • You will be suprised about the fact, how useful information technology became for homeless people.Read the article (pdf)
  2. from the same proceedings: Xiang Cao et. al.: Understanding Family Communication across Time Zones (pp. 155-158).
    • I guess, that one is currently interesting for me since I face such a time zone-difference situation at the moment.Read the article (pdf)
  3. B. Lampson: Privacy and Security. Usable Security: How to Get It?, In ACM Comm. Viewpoint, Nov-2009, Vol. 52(11), pp. 25-27, 2009.
    • This article deals with the problem of usability in the context of IT-Security and describes some basic problems such as the understanding of security methods by customers and the motivation to enhance security by the industry. Read the article
  4. L. Fortnow: Time for Computer Science to Grow Up, In ACM Comm. Viewpoint, Aug-2009, Vol. 52(8), pp. 33-35, 2009.
    • This article is about the value of journal articles in CS in relation to conference papers. Very interesting to read. Read the article

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