Freitag, 16. Dezember 2011

Getting many things done

Today, when we left the CS department's building after midnight, a friend asked me: "How do you manage to get all these things done?" and I explained him my simple, but (at least for me) working concept. It contains of two parts which are linked to each other.

(1) I work on a high number of interesting projects. The key aspect here is to pick always the task that attracts me most at the particular moment. Using this technique, I accomplish motivated work since I always only do the work I like to work on. This is, of course, not always 100% feasible, but I at least try.

(2) By working on so many tasks in parallel, I receive a nice amount positive feedback. So, while I work on something I like instead of something I am currently not motivated to work on, I will probably receive feedback for the task on which I currently don't want to work on. Thus, I get motivated for the other task again (and can switch, if I like).

This easy and (probably not optimal) technique requires the ability to keep many things in mind (e.g. deadlines of tasks currently not in my focus). Sometimes, it even results in multiple deadlines occurring at the same time and therefore results in long nights full of workload. However, one has to like this way of working. Also, point (2) can result in negative feedback instead of positive feedback what is a clear drawback of the presented strategy :) I also think, that it is not necessary to mention that working on many parallel things is only possible if one accepts that a single task takes long to finish in comparison to a model where only few tasks are handled.

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